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  • Little Lamb Kids' Pillow 16" X 20"

    Little Lamb Kids' Pillow 16" X 20"

    The adjustable pillows feature 3 different natural fill choices, which can be adjusted by the parent for different children's needs. Each pillow has a zippered inner cover and zippered outer shell, where the fill can be...

  • Little Lamb Latex Topper

    Little Lamb Latex Topper

    The Latex Topper is Stage 3 in our 3 Stage "Grow with Me" system for kids who've reached 85 lbs. or more. This topper is the perfect layer for pre-teens and teens' growing bodies. It offers pressure point relieving support...

  • Little Lamb Standard 6" Mattress

    Little Lamb Standard 6" Mattress

    The Standard Mattress is made using 6 inches of medium density all natural Dunlop latex and covered in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton quilted with American Dream® Wool. This mattress is the perfect base layer for...

  • Little Pocket Spring Mattress

    Little Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Little Pocket Spring Mattress features our proprietary PLA wrapped pocketed coils made from upcycled steel in the USA. We use only 100% natural latex both over the coils and in the quilt for extra plushness. Finally the...