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Tufting Machine

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As a luxury mattress and bedding company, we take pride in hand picking each manufacturer and vendor to ensure we deliver the highest quality products possible. We source locally produced wool in an effort to support our domestic wool growers who exceed the organic and humane standards of excellence. We create heirloom products that last significantly longer than the conventional equivalents by using high quality materials and customization. Replacing products less frequently means less waste in the landfills and conserving our precious raw materials.

With that being said, being selective in our manufacturers and vendors, production of our products can be slowed at times. Our very popular wool toppers are currently on back order because we are taking the time to modernize our tufting machine. We made the decision to upgrade our equipment to stay relevant with the newest machinery available and maintain the highest quality products. Here at Suite Sleep, we trust our supply chain and do not stray, because we know they only produce the sustainable, quality products we require. We ask for your understanding and patience during this delay, and we thank you for trusting us with your sleep needs.

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