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Like all seasoned travelers, we take sleep seriously. Frankly, it may be the only thing that matters during a journey. A bad mattress can spoil a great trip for your guests, so give them the gift of sleep to help ensure brand loyalty wherever their journey takes them. Each brand has a unique customer profile, so why have a “one size fits all” mattress program? We use our expertise to craft the right mattress for your brand, customer profile, and price points.

We collaborate with your designers to

make sure the sleep solution for your

brand best meets the demands and

expectations of your unique guest

profile. Exceptional comfort is not

achieved with a “one size fits all”

approach. Your brand needs a customized

solution for specific comfort

needs based on age, demographic,

and lifestyles.


Longevity and quality go hand in hand,

which is why we warranty our premium

beds for 10 years. We don’t require

contracts or offer comfort exchanges,

because we stand behind our products

100%. We rely on quality materials

and never settle for cheap substitutes.

A great mattress is an investment in

your guests’ primary purpose at a hotel

- a good night’s sleep they can count

on every time.

Suite Hospitality