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Shipping Troubles

Shipping Troubles

Posted by Lewis Mirelez on 28th Apr 2017

It's a nightmarish scenario:

You've spent weeks, even months, trying to find the perfect mattress, made your decision, and now you just have to wait for it to show up!  Excitement builds when you get a call from the delivery company to scheduled your appointment, you get rid of your old mattress, take time off work to make sure you don't miss them, and then you sit and wait...and wait.....and wait some more.

Unfortunately, the delivery company doesn't show up when they said they would and you've now wasted a few hours sitting around, or worse yet, they've showed up but your brand new mattress has been destroyed.

Sadly, this is a situation we have seen time and again when shipping mattresses with freight carriers, leading to disappointed and upset customers as well as lost sales.  Over the course of the last 7 years, I've learned more about freight, White Glove deliveries, and shipping in general than I ever thought I would, yet no matter how much we try to prevent problems that we see on a regular basis, they continue to plague us.  The troubles we face with freight shipping are based in the fact that these LTL (Less than Truckload) freight companies are not set up in the best way possible to deliver furniture to residential locations.  These companies typically deliver large shipments in a large semi truck to businesses with loading docks, forklifts and teams of people to help unload.  While there is an alternative, white glove delivery can cost upwards of $750 for one mattress, take as long as 2 weeks to deliver, and still doesn't guarantee a smooth and timely delivery.

Over the years, we have tried many different options to get our product to our customers as quickly and safely as possible, and the shipper with the best track record has consistently been UPS.  Over many years and thousands of shipments, we have had just a handful of shipments arrive damaged, or go missing.  This created a problem for us, as mattresses are quite a bit too large to put on a UPS truck!  The solution we came to, is to create a mattress that can be easily broken down into smaller pieces, shipped via UPS, and then quickly assembled in the customers home. 

There are many other benefits of constructing the mattress this way!  

Easier Installation

First is mobility - Latex mattresses can weigh over 300 Lbs., and have little structure to them, making them very difficult to move especially when stairs are involved.  By breaking the inside of the mattress into three smaller and lighter pieces we have made it exponentially easier.  

Customized Sleep

Another benefit is creating customized sleep and the ability to change the feel of your mattress.  As time goes on, our bodies change, our preferences change, and our mattresses don't adapt.  Instead of completely replacing your entire mattress, you can now change just the support layer to adjust the firmness to your liking!  Is your partner unhappy, but you still love the way it feels?  Great!  you can have different firmnesses on either side of your bed so you both sleep soundly. The support layer of the mattress is split right down the middle, and the top layer is kept whole so you will never notice the split below.  The cover is made with a zipper, so once you have laid the foam into the base, you can zip it closed and get a better night's sleep right away!  

Less Wear and Tear

Another problem we ran into is that when the latex foam layers are placed atop one another, movement can cause them to rub together and slowly break down.  To prevent this from happening, make sure your mattress will last as long as possible and make it easier to handle, we have wrapped each internal piece with a thin layer of organic cotton.

We've been shipping mattresses for more than 15 years and have seen it all. We've shipped on pallets, shipped in pieces and even embraced roll-packing technology. Roll-packing degrades the latex more quickly and pallets encourage the use of fork-lifts that inevitably end up spearing the mattress. But when it comes to all latex mattresses, we achieve the best outcomes when we ship them in separate pieces. We break it down into manageable components, box them, band them and send them to happy homes. We look forward to your business!