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Angela Owen, President Suite Sleep, Inc.

Angela's journey into the realm of environmental consciousness spans over three decades, fueled by an unwavering passion for sustainable living. A trailblazer in adopting eco-friendly practices, she embraced organic choices in food, frequented farmer's markets, and championed recycling long before it gained widespread popularity.

It was during this time, she became more educated of the ubiquitous use of chemicals in our food, our clothing, our furniture, and our bedding. She wrote articles for the local mother’s club about natural living and was the mom who used a diaper service, made her own baby food, and ventured to the farmer’s market. When looking for a crib mattress that didn’t use toxic chemical flame retardants and PVC coverings, her journey for a more natural sleep solution for her family began.

In the year 2000, Angela embarked on a transformative chapter in her life. Leaving the hustle of the big city behind, she relocated her family to the serene landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This move marked the inception of the first natural living home furnishings store in Boulder, CO, as Angela endeavored to bring the finest products she discovered in California to the conscious consumers of Colorado. Her mission extended beyond commerce; she aimed to enlighten individuals about the benefits of incorporating clean and sustainable products into their homes.

In 2003, her passion for product design and marketing drove her to the wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing side of the bedding business. As an industry pioneer, she has spent the past 20 years shaping this bedding niche. Now, with more than 15 years experience in the sustainable bedding industry, she is committed to being a leader in the sustainable bedding industry by providing the highest quality products with excellent customer service.


Angela's commitment to sustainability is not just a business ethos; it's a profound belief that extends to the very core of her advocacy. She emphasizes the critical role of choosing sustainable sleep solutions, citing the alarming environmental consequences of discarded bedding and mattresses. In an era where landfill overflow and chemical off-gassing pose significant threats, Angela positions sustainable bedding not only as a health-conscious choice but also as an imperative step towards preserving the well-being of our planet.


In an era marked by disposable consumerism, Angela's emphasis on longevity serves as a beacon for those seeking sustainable alternatives. Whether through her natural living home furnishings store in Boulder or her pioneering role in the organic bedding niche, she consistently underscores the idea that investing in durable, timeless products is not just a wise choice for the individual but a crucial step towards building a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.


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