Angela Owen, President Suite Sleep, Inc.

Angela has been passionate about environmental issues and natural living for over 20 years. An early adopter by nature, she was eager to make organic choices in food, shop at farmer’s markets, and recycle way before it became hip to do so. Her business career started at Wells Fargo Bank working as a Marketing Associate, while attending college in San Francisco. Wanting something more than climbing the corporate ladder, she quit her job right before graduation and soon after started her family.

It was during this time, she became more and more educated of the ubiquitous use of chemicals in our food, our clothing, our furniture, and our bedding. She wrote articles for the local mother’s club about natural living and was the mom who used a diaper service, made her own baby food, and ventured to the farmer’s market. When looking for a crib mattress that didn’t use toxic chemical flame retardants and PVC coverings, her journey for a more natural sleep solution for her family began.

In 2000, she moved away from the city lights and opened a natural living home furnishings store in Boulder, CO. She had a strong desire to introduce the same great products she found back in California to Coloradans and help educate consumers on the benefits of clean, non-toxic products for the home.

In 2003, her passion for product design and marketing drove her to the wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing side of the bedding business. As an industry pioneer, she has spent the past 12 years shaping this bedding niche. Now, with more than 15 years experience in the sustainable bedding industry, she is committed to being a leader in the sustainable bedding industry by providing the highest quality products with excellent customer service.

She is Chairman of the Board for the Specialty Sleep Association and part of the steering committee for their upcoming BedFax transparency and labeling program. Her strong commitment to marketing ethics has been the driving force in this movement. It is a bold challenge to try and change our industry’s “smoke and mirrors” sales tactics to clear and transparent product labeling.

Her commitment to the environment drives Suite Sleep to continually evaluate product designs and processes, to bring the best sustainable, natural and organic products to boutique mattress stores and hotels. When one considers the vast amount of bedding and mattresses that end up in the landfills and the chemical off-gassing of these products in our homes, choosing a natural bedding solution is tantamount to good health and the health of our planet.

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